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In your area only

of Healthy Start vouchers are claimed

That means every week

worth of healthy food doesn't reach those who need it

In your local area, pregnant women and children were entitled to Healthy Start vouchers at the start of 2021, but the take-up rate is only . That means in your area, at least worth of vouchers for fresh fruit, vegetables and milk will go unclaimed every week when the vouchers increase in value from 01 April.

Despite the increase in need caused by the pandemic, take-up of the vouchers is falling across the country.

In total, over £1 million of vouchers for healthy food are going unclaimed in England each week. One of the easiest ways to help the appalling number of young children going to bed hungry would be to ensure they're accessing the free healthy food they're already entitled to. Will you take action now, and ask your local authority to aim for a 100% take-up rate of Healthy Start vouchers and do more to promote the scheme to eligible families?

Do you think you might be eligible for Healthy Start vouchers? Find out more on the NHS Health Start website.

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Write to your local council.

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Councils, with their direct connection to their local communities, can have a transformative effect in promoting Healthy Start. Many councils around the country have already done brilliant work to promote the scheme, but we need every council in England to be working towards 100% uptake.

Will you email your council leader now to share the stats on Healthy Start in your area, and provide easy suggestions on how they can promote the scheme? We have already provided a short pre-written email, which you can edit if you wish!

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Thanks for writing to your council!

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