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of Healthy Start vouchers are claimed

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worth of healthy food doesn't reach those who need it

In your local area, pregnant people and children are entitled to Healthy Start vouchers, but the take-up rate is only . That means in your area, at least worth of vouchers for fresh fruit, vegetables and milk go unclaimed every week.

Despite the increase in need caused by the cost of living crisis, take-up of the vouchers is stalling across the country.

One of the easiest ways to help the appalling number of young children going to bed hungry would be to ensure they're accessing the free healthy food they're already entitled to. That's why we've been working with local councils and health bodies to help them promote the scheme and make more families aware of the vouchers.

Too many families are still missing out and going hungry. So will you take action now, and share the latest stats with your local authority?

Do you think you might be eligible for Healthy Start vouchers? Find out more on the NHS Health Start website.

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NHS Healthy Start food and formula vouchers are an essential way of ensuring the neediest babies, children and pregnant people get the nutrients they need.

But with inflation sending the price of fruit, vegetables and infant formula soaring, many families will struggle even more to get by. Some brands of infant formula have risen in price by as much as 14% in recent months.

Eligible families with a baby under the age of one receive £8.50 a week in Healthy Start vouchers, which they can spend on milk, fruit, vegetables and infant formula. But £8.50 of vouchers now won’t even buy a single tin of most infant formula brands.

Over three-quarters of people back raising the value of Healthy Start vouchers in line with inflation, according to the latest polling. Are you one of them? Add your name to this petition now and call on the Government to commit to improve Healthy Start uptake rates and raise the value of Healthy Start vouchers in line with inflation, so that the babies, children and pregnant people who need it most don’t go hungry.

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